Adventure Group

Your Queenstown Adventure Specialists

The Adventure Group of Queenstown Tourism companies. As owners and operators, we have a long and successful history of operating a wide range of adventure tourism businesses. Adventure Group was amalgamated in 2014 to merge these great products together. We are proudly long time Queenstown locals and we are active in running the business. Our values are based around family, our staff and the communities which we live in. We place our ongoing safety responsibilities as our number 1 priority.

We are a NZ government Safety Audit Certified operator for the Adventure Activities sector. The goal we share with our awesome team of adventure guides, is to provide the best adventure experiences to every client.

We recognise that Queenstown has a wide range of activities to choose from - but we believe our experiences are becoming increasingly unique, as they remain true to the heritage and spirit of true adventure.

Our products allow you participate in something that you might not do yourself, where we provide the safety, guiding and equipment that encourages you to explore and challenge yourself in a way few other activities do.

Visit our product websites for more information or contact us directly. If you are in Queenstown, come and see us at our base in the centre of town – Adventure Centre, 39 Camp Street, Queenstown.

We look forward to sharing our playground with you.
Stefan Crawford,
Managing Director.